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Calculating is our mission

Cake Utility proposes to offer tools and utilities to professional pastry chefs, cake designers and bakery, with the mission of offering a great technical support to daily work. The tools we will gradually publish will support laboratory operations thanks to useful functionalities designed to facilitate daily work integrated with management tools focused instead on economic problems. Currently available is the cake weight calculator with one or more tier, the recipe weight calculator and the recipe cost calculator, temporarily available only in euros

Food cost calculator

This tool allows you to perform a dynamic calculation of the cost of a recipe. You can select the ingredients and define the quantities that make up the recipe. Among the ingredients you can select raw materials or semi-finished products defined in turn by other recipes. The Food cost Calculator will perform the dynamic calculation of the total cost by detailing the individual contributions of the ingredients and their incidence on the total cost of the recipe.

Cake servings calculator

Through this page you can calculate the servings of a cake, according to the set diameter. Choosing the kind of cake, the shape and the wanted size, you will get the final weight and the relative servings. Once the weight has been set, you can access at the details of the recipe, in according by quantity setted

How to calculate cake weight

Have you ever wondered how big the cake you have to prepare for your guests must be? Will it be enough for everyone? What if I do too much? And again, if I have to make it on two tiers , how big should I make them and how much will the cake weigh in the end and how much costs to make it ? That's what the cake calculator is for !


A collection of technical recipes for pastry professionals divided by category. The form of each recipe is a bill of materials that dynamically recalculates the contribution of the ingredients according to the total quantity set. The bill of materials ( BOM ) also shows the detailed food cost for each component of the recipe. Some product categories also allow the automatic calculation of the recipe according to the shape and size of the cake being prepared

Cake Calculator

With this tool you can calculate the weight and the servings of a tiered cake according to the shape, size and dough of the cake. Choose the number of tier , the type of dough, the shape of each tier and simply calculate the total weight of the cake, the recipe and its cost

The cost of recipe

A question that a pastry chef should often ask himself is: How much does it cost me to make this cake? How much will I have to spend on raw materials and ingredients to make a specific dessert. Among the online services, we have also implemented, through the bill of materials, the calculation of the total cost of the ingredients used in a specific recipe. You can do all this with our Recipe Calculators

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